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Is your contact center positioned for success? Find out for free.

With one eye on the day-to-day challenges of your contact center, and the other on KPIs, we know a detailed assessment of your team can be hard to prioritize. KellyConnect makes it easy to gauge your team's people and tech practices to uncover opportunities for meaningful improvement with a free contact center assessment tool. 

Take the free 5-8 minute assessment for a collective look at performance.


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Manage a contact center? 
This was made for you.

As a contact center manager, you set the course for the performance of your team. And if you're like most, time for a detailed look at your collective performance, technology, and management can be hard to come by.

KellyConnect's free contact center assessment tool helps you gauge where your team is today to discover where you can focus your improvement efforts tomorrow.


Use your results to...

Improve your agent turnover rate

After rising sharply to an average of 80% at the onset of the pandemic, agent turnover remains a pivotal (and expensive!) challenge for contact centers. Uncover ways to attract and retain top agents.

Optimize your tech investment

With 60% of contact centers increasing their tech spend in 2022, many are investing in technology that provides flexibility and security. Should you? Find out by exploring your assessment results.

Explore a modern agent distribution model

Hybrid? Fully remote? What do these workforce distribution models look like for your contact center? Your assessment results will paint the picture.