Kelly Ace (Black_Helix)

A smoother, faster and more engaging way to connect talent with work

Over 33% of leaders said to attract the talent they need over the next 5 years, they need to redesign the candidate/employee experience.

Introducing Kelly Ace

Whether it's the hiring manager or candidate experience, removing barriers to communication is the key to building engagement. Ace is a chatbot that interacts with your Applicant Tracking System to provide a smoother, faster and more intuitive way for candidates to apply for jobs and enjoy the process.

Ace gives you confidence in a seamless process that connects talent with work and makes your candidates feel empowered. Putting them in control of their application process, engaging them in meaningful conversations, giving quick and specific feedback and shortening the overall journey. Resulting in an improved experience with your employer brand, an increased pool of talent and a faster speed to interview.

Ace is a flexible, modular solution. You get to pick and choose whichever parts you need to optimize your process. With Ace you also get access to more data, so you’re always up to date and informed.

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Video: Successful Application

Ace guides your candidates through the application process. Here is an example of a successful application.


Ebook: Kelly Ace

We’ve used all our market knowledge, experience and expertise in HR and talent acquisition to create Ace.