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2023 Contact Center Planning Guide

Make 2023 your contact center's best year yet.

Looking for new ways to attract and retain agents? Want to streamline your tech in the year ahead? Plan smarter with the ultimate guide to contact center management and tech trends at your fingertips.

Access this comprehensive planning guide to:

  • • Reduce agent turnover
  • • Leverage your EVP to win talent
  • • Tap into emerging tech trends

Talent and tech are changing.
Are you planning accordingly?

The modern contact center model is ever-changing. Status-quo approaches to management have lost their edge as new tech, new challenges, and new opportunities emerge. The options and possibilities are endless.

Cut through the noise with talent and tech insights from a leader in contact center staffing and management, KellyConnect.


Key insights and learnings for contact center planning

KC Turtl Guide - State of Talent

The state of talent

Where have all the agents gone? How is talent demand distributed? Where can remote contact centers most effectively recruit agents? Get key insights on the changing talent landscape.

KC Turtl Guide - Trends-Agent Experience

What agents want.

Gen Z and Millennials make up nearly half of the American workforce. What they value is reshaping the workplace, but is your company aligned to attract and retain them? Find out.

KC Turtl Guide - Engagement

Tech trends 2023

With average tech spend expected to increase in 2023, agent experience comes into focus. Which technologies will contact centers invest in to streamline processes and retain agents?

Plan smarter, from CCaaS to EVP.

Put some power behind your plans. Access the KellyConnect contact center planning guide for actionable insights for a successful 2023 (and beyond!).